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Our flagship program is “Heroes for Literacy”, also known as “Comic Book Club”.  At this juncture, Heroes for Literacy is a weekly 2 hour after school program for children K-5, with the goal of developing programs for middle school and high school students in the near future. Here is the current outline for the Heroes for Literacy program:  


Heroes For Literacy/Comic Book Club

1. Heroes for Literacy/Comic Book club (“HFL”) was created and designed to foster development of reading & writing skills, encouraging artistic expression (drawing & coloring), as well as stimulating creativity in our children through the platform of comic books and the superhero genre. We believe the comic book medium is fun, relevant, contemporary, and inspirational.  The young people will have an opportunity to practice and build upon what is currently taught in their classrooms, while having fun in a focused, organized, relaxed and nurturing atmosphere.


2. Since their inception, comic books have been instrumental in developing a love of reading and writing for people the world over.  Comics have long stimulated imaginations, and promoted creativity in the cultivation of characters and stories, as well as artistic expression in drawing, inking and coloring.  


3. Superheroes can also ignite a passion for justice in children’s hearts; showing them how important it is for good to triumph over evil, for the strong to defend the weak, and for us to use our individual giftings and abilities in the service of others and to bring peace.

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